Flat Feet Also Know As Fallen Arches (Pes Planus)

Numbness in toes and feet can be prevented to some extent by wearing the right kind of footwear. High-heeled shoes or narrow toe shoes are better avoided. During physically strenuous activity, shoes with proper support should be worn to protect the feet from injury. The health disorders that trigger numbness of the feet can be prevented with the help of a healthy lifestyle. Rest is the first treatment for plantar fasciitis. Doctors will tell you to try to keep weight off your foot until the inflammation goes away. Also, apply ice to the sore area for 20 minutes three or four times a day to relieve your symptoms. Fallen arches, commonly known as pes planus, is when the arch of the foot contacts the ground as a person stands. THE major muscle responsible for holding up the arch is the posterior tibialis muscle and it receives "instructions" to hold up the arch from the brain via the spinal cord, fifth lumbar nerve root (low back), the sciatic nerve, and finally through the tarsal tunnel as the tibial n. Ergo, any misalignment in the low back can "pinch" the nerve supply and cause the muscle to fail. Flat feet of a child are usually expected to develop into high or proper arches, as shown by feet of the mother. If runners or athletes don't wear shoes that provide proper arch support, they are definitely at a risk of developing this painful foot condition. They must, therefore, make it a point to buy shoes that are designed to prevent over-stretching of this ligament. Here's some information on the brands that offer the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. The next time you go shopping for a pair of running shoes, make sure that you buy shoes that not only fit you perfectly, but are also best-suited to the gait and structure of your feet. Wearing proper footwear is a good way to prevent this painful foot condition from surfacing.fallen arches surgery You can tell you have flat feet by observing the feet and looking for the presence of an arch. This is most visible below the inside ankle. If you have little to know arch, then your feet are flat. Other indications of flat feet are when you wear your shoes down quickly on the insides causing the to lean toward each other. A person with flat feet will also have pain and swelling amount the ankles and feet. Back pain can also be a symptom of having flat feet. This particular disorder cannot be fully cured but you can surely improve your condition. Some excellent ways are mentioned below. Sprains are common in the ankles of runners who routinely cross hills and trails. If, when traversing uneven ground, your ankle is forced to turn in a direction opposite your foot, ligaments that provide support for the joint can tear. Of the three ligaments upholding the ankle, most sprains can be attributed to a fractional tearing of no more than two. However, more serious sprains can involve a part to full rupture of all three. Wrapping the ankle in a medical bandage and wearing shoes that provide lower-leg support may suffice in treating minor sprains. Tendonitis. Motion control shoes incorporate support features into the shoe. Shoes with adequate arch support and firm heel counters help control over-pronation and will stabilise the heel and ankle during walking. Some shoes also have side posts for extra lateral support. Firm midsoles reduce pronation and protect the ankles and knees from lateral stress. The inner side of the midsole may be made of a denser material (dual density midsoles) to reduce the amount of pronation. A heavy person who overpronates will need a heavier, more supportive shoe than a light person with the same degree of pronation. Seikan was the longest and deepest operational rail tunnel found anywhere in the world. The tracks ran for almost 54 kilometers, 23 kilometers of which ran under the seabed. The level of the track was about 140 meters below the seabed, or 240 meters below sea level. (The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland would be the longest undersea tunnel set to open in 2016). With over 36 million albums and 66 million singles sold worldwide, Pink was named as the 27th most powerful celebrity in 2010. Let’s have a look at her most amazing rockin’s moments through several photos as below read more